TasteHit joins Selligent Marketing Cloud

The news

After almost four years of building and growing TasteHit, we are pleased to announce that the TasteHit team joined Selligent, the leading global marketing technology company. As a team we are proud of the journey we went through and the product we built. We started TasteHit with the goal of helping online merchants better understand and serve their customers using behavioral data and predictive machine learning algorithms. Today TasteHit is used by a variety of online retailers and brands in different verticals and markets to dramatically improve the user experience and increase sales, which is something we are very proud of.

Joining Selligent Marketing Cloud

When we met with the Selligent team, we were instantly excited by the potential of joining forces. Selligent’s talented team, global presence, and leadership in cross-channel marketing puts us in a unique position to build innovative and powerful AI capabilities into Selligent Marketing Cloud, which is what we focus on in our new roles.

Thank you!

As founders, we are very proud of this outcome and excited about the future. We would like to thank all the people who helped us create and grow TasteHit: our precious team, our customers, our partners, our advisors, incubators and accelerator programs who hosted us, investors who believed in us as well as all the great startups and founders we met along this fantastic journey.

Alexei and Christopher