What is TasteHit?

TasteHit is a Software-as-a-Service user engagement platform for modernizing existing online shops. It provides online merchants with a suite of tools to enhance the user experience and increase the performance of their shops.

It allows you, as an online merchant, to insert dynamic and intelligent modules (we call them "widgets") inside your site and emails. These widgets adapt to and interact with each individual visitor, helping him discover products he will be interested in, while collecting behavioral information to make you better understand your customers.

As an online shop owner, understanding your visitors' tastes and helping them easily find products they like will increase your conversion ratio and increase visitors' happiness and loyalty.

How does it work?

TasteHit collects anonymous data (essentially clicks), which are then processed by home-grown machine learning algorithms. We then create and update an individual mathematical model for each unique visitor on the online shop. We use this model to help the visitor throughout his visit on your site, and after he leaves via emails, by generating personalized product selections based on his behavior and the behavior of all other visitors on your site.

What is this user manual?

This user manual contains all the information you need to install, configure and use TasteHit on your online shop. We are updating this as often as we can to make sure all the new features and tools are covered in detail.

The main features we cover in this manual are:

  • AI-driven product recommendations
  • Real-time search
  • Personalized transactional and commercial email
  • Predictive analytics and KPIs
  • API

For commercial material, videos and pricing, please visit our commercial site.