Frequently Asked Questions

What does the (beta) sign mean?

When you see a (beta) sign next to a feature or menu item, it means that the feature is currently being tested for specific users. The feature will not be production ready (in terms of stability and UX) and there will likely be little to no documentation. If you are interested in testing it you should contact us and we will help you setting things up.

Why is the pricing not based on performance?

TasteHit's pricing is a volume based pricing based on the number of monthly visitors. Some SaaS tools sold to online shops choose a performance-based business model (CPC/CPA), meaning that they will charge a percentage of the products they help sell. While we believe this model makes sense for traffic acquisition tools, we don't think it applies well to conversion optimization solutions. With our pricing based on unique visitors, we offer you to place TasteHit widgets everywhere on your shop without thinking whether a visitor would have bought a product even without the presence of the widget. Place TasteHit widgets everywhere you think it makes sense for discovery and conversion increase, don't think about the cost and pay a fair and predictible price at the end of the month. Doesn't that sound good?