The insights section is here to give you precise information and analytics on individual products and visitors. TasteHit monitors the performance of products (visits, clicks, add-to-carts) and finds relationships between products in the catalog (what is visited before/after, what is often bought together) and relationships between products and individual visitors.

In this section we describe the 3 sections which appear in the TasteHit dashboard:

Product insights

The products insights page contains a table showing information on products and the way these products are being discovered by visitors.

products insights list

In this table products are sorted by "highest change in visits" week-to-week, in other words: the first products shown are the ones that had the biggest increase in popularity over last the last two weeks.

If you want to find a specific product, you can use the search menu which can filter items by specific fields/keywords.

Each product contains the following information:

  • Image, EAN, title, type and price taken from your product catalog feed

  • Popularity rank represents the popularity of the product measured by the number of visits. The most popular product will have rank 1, the second most popular will have a rank of 2, and so on.

  • Product views is the actual number of times this product was viewed over the last months.

  • Change in visits is the number by which the number of visits of this product was increased or decreased over the last week compared to the previous week.

  • Typical recommendations are the products that TasteHit would present to a visitor if the recommendations algorithm is configured and if the visitor has not seen anything else before and lands on this product for the first time.

  • Timestamp is the date/time at which the statistics for these product were calculated.

If you click on the '+' sign in front of the product, a detailed view will open under the product and will look like this:

product insights single product

This detailed view contains more information on the specific product you are looking at:

  • Visited before: the 5 products which were visited the most before the current product.

  • Visited after: the 5 products which were visited the most after the current product.

  • Added to cart after: the 5 products which were added to cart the most after this product was visited.

  • Bought together: 5 products which are often found in the same cart with the current product.

  • Most effective recs: 5 most effective recommendations on the current product's product page. "Most effective products" means: the recommendations which led to the highest number of cart additions.

  • Most displayed recs: 5 most displayed recommendations on the current product's product page.

Conversion insights

You can monitor the behavior that led to a buying behavior for individual visitors.

This helps you understand how visitors browse your shop, monitor typical buying behaviors and see how recommendations help the visitor discover new products.

The menu allows you to pick conversions in a range between certain days.

insights conversion list

If you click on the '+' sign in front one product to display the complete journey of the consumer:

insights single conversion

To help you better understand what conversions mean, different types were defined, which correspond to the checkboxes you see on the right of the screen:

  • Flexible: A specific user has clicked on a specific item inside a recommendation and has added this same item to his shopping cart. The order of actions is not taken into account.

  • Ordered: Same as Flexible, but the "click on recommendation" has to come before the "add-to-cart".

  • In a day: Same as Ordered. In addition the two actions have to be done in the same 24 hours. For example, if a user on a recommendation of item A on Monday at 9am, and only adds item A to his cart Tuesday at 10am, when he comes back to your site, the conversion will not be counted as a "In a day" recommendation.

  • Direct: Same as In a day. In addition the two actions have to be consecutive. For example, if a user clicks on a recommendation of item A, visits the product page of item A, then visits item B, then adds item A to cart, the conversion will not be counted as a "Direct" recommendation.

Insights summary

This sections shows you content similar to the Product insights section, but in an aggregated way. All product information is aggregated by product parameter. These product parameters come from the product feed you configured.

insights summary global

The goal of these graphs is to get a high-level understanding of the popularity and efficiency of different product categories.